Barrow embodies the spirit of a rebellious youth of digital natives, characterized by an extreme desire for individuality. In the age of conformism, in which the value of authenticity is put to the test every day, creativity turns out to be the only revolutionary act. Barrow is an encouragement to express oneself irresponsibly, freeing creativity. The 'Made in Italy' quality is Barrow's response to the growing awareness and knowledge of the product by younger communities. From fabrics, to prints, to experimental treatments and special finishing techniques, everything is aligned to the highest quality standards. Right from the start the brand has positioned itself among the best national and international brands thanks to the support of great artists and personalities from the world of entertainment, music, such as Sfera Ebbasta, DrefGold, Barengo and many others. You can buy our entire selection of BARROW clothing and accessories online at Quaranta Boutique.

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