Maison Crivelli

May 12th, 2021

Maison Crivelli

Behind the apparent calm of Thibaud Crivelli hides a thirst for adventure that characterizes the spirit of his family and that has crossed the frontiers of everyday life for over 150 years.

From Lebanon to Australia, from Morocco to Vietnam via the Indian Ocean, the three generations that preceded this young designer lived in the five continents and have left him an eclectic heritage that has refined his taste for exploration.

Born in Paris, he grew up between central France and Provence. In 2006, he moved to China where he lived for more than 10 years, exploring various Asian countries. Thus, his western sensibility was confronted with new influences. He developed a primordial and multisensory approach to nature: an ability to take time and live every moment.

Thibaud discovers raw materials plantations for scents, constantly stimulates his senses and immerses himself in the environments surrounding him.

This exploratory journey is marked by unforeseen events that convey to him an atypical, transversal and different knowledge of perfume.


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