Evisu launches a collab with Sfera Ebbasta

October 5th, 2021

Evisu launches a collab with Sfera Ebbasta

Today, EVISU and Sfera Ebbasta announce their first collaboration, a streetwear capsule collection of 14 pieces, inspired by Sfera’s synonymous style and the iconic looks of EVISU’s archive. Launching on 7 October 2021, the collaboration has been crafted by designer Ernesto Avenia, who has worked closely with the International Italian hip hop artist to reimagine EVISU denim to create a fresh, dynamic, and modern collection for 2021. Ensuring the pieces authentically reflect EVISU’s story, Sfera and Ernesto Avenia delved into the brand’s historic archive, reworking the highly recognisable EVISU aesthetic by fusing elements of iconic looks from the nineties with key notes of Sfera’s millennial style. Classic staples of the EVISU brand, such as the world-recognised seagull logo and artistic denim pieces create the foundations of the collection offering.

EVISU was founded in Osaka Japan in 1991 and is named after the Japanese god of prosperity Ebisu. Initially only around 14 pairs of jeans a day were created, each one caringly hand-painted with the now famous seagull logo. EVISU captured the imagination of the detail-obsessed Japanese fashion crowed and spurred a revival of interest in vintage denim which spread around the world. Today EVISU has gained critical acclaim, as one of the ultimate denim must haves, is internationally known and embraced by both collectors and hipsters alike. EVISU was initially more a labour of love than a commercial venture and despite phenomenal success EVISU’s mission to create the highest quality products has remained unchanged. This underlying value defines EVISU’s position as an icon in the history of denim wear.

Sfera Ebbasta rose to prominence after the release of XDVR, recorded with the collaboration of his best friend and producer, Charlie Charles. Success was replicated with releases of Sfera Ebbasta (2016), Rockstar (2018), and its reissue Popstar (2018). Introducing trap in Italy, Sfera Ebbasta made it one of the most popular music genres across the country, growing interest, awareness, and engagement towards the hip-hop scene internationally.

You can shop the EVISU x SFERA EBBASTA collection on