Quaranta and the relationship with its territory  Guide to Puglia Vol.01 presented with a photo exhibition in store

November 18th, 2021

Quaranta and the relationship with its territory

Guide to Puglia Vol.01 presented with a photo exhibition in store

More than a store. Since its inception, Quaranta Boutique has worked to establish itself as a multipurpose reality capable of representing a reference point for enthusiasts and the simply curious, creating over the years a unique reality, different from a simple "store". "Quaranta has proven to be in step with all the changes taking place, finding an immediate response from both traditional and digital consumers," said Stefano Giurano, founder of Quaranta, who sees in the deep connection with the territory one of the strengths of the store, a reality now rooted in both local and national territory. This is also the starting point for Guide to Puglia Vol. 1, the four-handed project of Quaranta Boutique with photographer Gabriele Albergo, also known as Salento Death Valley.

"I always find it uplifting to be able to collaborate with local businesses that carry the unregistered 'Made in Puglia' brand far and wide," Gabriele shared. "Working with Quaranta Boutique means interacting with the recent history of Andria, with a company that believes in its city and continues to work hard striving to create a strong link between tradition and innovation, a bit like in my work as a photographer." It is precisely the union between fashion and territory that makes Guide to Puglia Vol.1 a unique project, a series of shots in which the lines of some of the brands in the store join the alleys of Andria, creating a perfect metaphor for Quaranta's identity. "We have always been looking for all those people and the content they create that can represent this wonderful land in a unique and original way. This is the reason that led us to choose Gabriele, embracing his unique representation of Puglia," said Stefano Giurano on the sidelines of the event that transformed the Quaranta Boutique women's store into a museum where Gabriele Albergo's shots were combined with the collections in store in a unique event.

The photos by Angela Cilli has told for nss magazine the most important moments of the event in a special evening in which territory, fashion and photography were the absolute protagonists.